Shock claim: Harry and Meghan headed for divorce!

A person who worked with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex during their time in Australia back in 2018 has made the bombshell allegation that the couple “fought about pregnancy” all the time and stayed in “separate rooms”.

The shock claims come from an insider at Admiralty House in Sydney, where Harry and Meghan stayed during their tour Down Under while the duchess was pregnant with Archie, now 1.

Meanwhile, a separate source close to the couple tells New Idea: “This is alarming. If they were struggling behind closed doors with the first pregnancy, it’s interesting that they’re apparently going for a second.”

Harry and Meghan were spotted leaving a medical clinic in Beverly Hills two weeks ago, which contains the office of infertility specialist Dr Sharon Winer, in a possible bid to have a second child via IVF.

“The word among Prince Harry’s more suspicious friends is that Meghan wants two children from him,” the insider continues, adding the duke’s closest pals are worried she could consider filing for divorce once the second baby is born.

“It would certainly serve to explain this rumour they’re doing IVF, especially at a time where their marriage is struggling,” the source explains.

The rumours come after it was speculated Harry’s struggles in La La Land had gone from bad to worse, after reports claimed the prince can’t even find a suitable form of employment.

According to Globe magazine, royal author Tom Quinn sensationally claimed that Harry is unfit for any kind of “normal” work, despite him being a graduate of one of Britain’s most prestigious military colleges.

While Meghan appears to be sourcing plenty of work opportunities to pay their bills, Tom questioned what Harry is supposed to do for work given that he has been a royal all his life.

“What’s his role?” Tom speculated, before saying: “He can’t get a job in McDonald’s or for an investment bank. What’s he going to do?”